How it works!

Once you register you can load your account with bitcoin. The bitcoins are converted into Tokens. You decide which type of squares you are interested in, and you click to buy that square as your own. Once all squares are filled up, a random number will be selected. If it matches your square then you win the amount marked at the top of the board!

An example is below

Jackpot: 154mɃ (0.154Ƀ)

Square purchase amounts are in mɃ

With the above example, assuming that the current bitcoin value is $650 per BTC - you will see that 7.7mɃ is about $5 and that the prize is 154mɃ which is about $100 give or take a few cents. The cost of the squares will change slightly hourly depending on the average live BTC value.

Once ALL squares have been purchased, 1 square is randomly selected using a simple computer generated random number which is associated with a square. This is not a lottery. This actually guarantees a winner.

We have boards that are as low as $0.25 per square and we have boards that are as much as 1 BTC per square, from 3x3 to 20x20! Multiple games are going on at once, so you can test your chances with as many boards as you wish!